I see it clearer in the rear-view mirror

-Small Town

Shit I love;
Minnesota Wild Hockey
Dirt Track Racing
The Walking Dead
Country Music
Most Movies
The Lion King
Big Dogs
Dodge Vehicles
Dawsons Creek
Anything Sparkly

People I would do anything to meet;
Mikko Koivu
Hunter Hayes
Jason Aldean
Dylan O'Brien
Theo Rossi
Tyler Hubbard

Other Boys I Love;
Kasey Kahne
Sean Patrick Flanery
Tom Hardy
Joshua Jackson
Cam Gigandet
Josh Hutcherson
Gabriel Landeskog
Channing Tatum
Brent Burns
David Boreanaz

The two women I idolize;
Miranda Lambert
Jolene Van Vugt

Fun Facts:
I swear too much,
I enjoy Southern Comfort too much,
& if you have a skoal ring and tattoos I'm probably gonna melt.

ask me anything you damn well please :)
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